The Catholic Faith and Family Bible is the first Bible designed just for Catholic families, making scripture easier to understand and incorporate into everyday life.

The Catholic Faith and Family Bible was created to make the Bible easier to read and understand for the everyday Catholic family, helping parents and children grow in faith together. This Bible will be found throughout the house: at the dinner table as part of family prayer, on the living room coffee table as part of family discussion, in the parents’ bedroom as a source of inspiration and solace, in a teen’s room as a source of learning and guidance. The one place you won’t find this Bible is tucked away in a corner of a remote bookshelf collecting dust. Catholic families will discover God’s message for life through the following distinctive features:

  • Book Introductions for each book of the Bible written specifically for Catholic families with helpful tips for parents on sharing Scripture with children
  • Over 1,000 Relevant Notes and Reflection Lines to help families apply Scripture to daily living
  • Presentation pages in the front of the Bible for recording family tree information, sacraments, and other important events
  • An Index to guide families to important Bible stories, prayers, teachings, and connections to the Catholic faith
  • Maps to help visualize the Bible lands
  • Available in Hardcover or Paperback

Trim Size: 6.125” wide x 9.25” high | Font Point Size: 9.5| Page Count: 1,672

Product Details for Each Edition:

The Catholic Faith and Family Bible (hardcover)
ISBN: 9780061496257
Price: $39.99

The Catholic Faith and Family Bible (paperback)
Price: $29.99